Youthful Concepts

Whether you would like to prevent or treat the signs of ageing, or whether you would like to glamorise your look, by considering your budget and prioritising your needs, Dr Ansulette Kay will advise you on how to invest your money in the best way to achieve the look you will love!


Determining the appropriate treatment is a highly personalised process.

Every day, we have women and men telling us what they want from their skin but have no idea which is the best treatment for them. We understand that trying to interpret what’s right for you can feel overwhelming, given the exhaustive range of treatments on the market.

Our extensive knowledge and experience does the work for you. We take care of the overwhelm by guiding our clients through a process that will clarify the appropriate treatment/s for the results you want.



Every client is unique with individual desires. Before we begin, we work together to understand your needs and find the best direction to take to achieve the results you want.


Medical Grade Skin Care
Wrinkle Reduction
Lip Restoration
Volume Loss
Reduction of Dark Eye Circles
Skin Needling / Mesotherapy
Cosmelan Peels
Acne Treatment


Facial Contouring & Enhancement
Jawline Reshaping
Lip Enhancement
Eyebrow Repositioning
Non-Surgical Facial Slimming
Reduction of Double Chin Fat
Rejuvenation of the Hands
Led Light Therapy


When we have achieved your desired result, our focus shifts to maintaining this outcome. Our aim is to help keep you looking the best you can, for as long as you can.

Common Concerns/

Ageing & Beauty


One of the earliest signs of ageing is looking less ‘fresh’. This can easily be addressed with the use of muscle relaxants to lift and open tired eyes, take away the worry lines and lift the corners of the mouth.

Strategic use of fillers can also be used to take away shadows on the face much like the way concealer is used to disguise dark circles and lift the face.


Regular use of muscle relaxants can prevent certain lines and wrinkles such as the frown lines and crows feet from forming. For those of us who already have these lines, we can prevent them from getting worse and eventually improve with time.


As we age, the underlying fat and bone of the face slowly starts to shrink and recede. As a result, our skin loses its support structure and sags. Strategic placement of fillers to address these underlying changes can help to “redrape” the skin and therefore lift the face.


Sometimes we want to enhance what we already have by tweaking certain parts of our face. The use of injectables can straighten the nose, enhance the cheekbones, enhance the lips and slim the face to create a more oval face shape.Careful placement of fillers can also enhance the way light is reflected from the face without changing the structure of face much like the way we use highlighter in makeup.However, regardless of what is being tweaked, it is crucial that proportion and harmony of the face is maintained.

LED Light Therapy is an excellent pick-me-up, and a great way to introduce you to our technology-based treatments – no downtime needed. An effective option, especially if you have never done anything more than a facial.

For something with a little more oomph, with no downtime also, we recommend a gentle yet effective Laser Facial.


Depending on the type and severity, we recommend Laser work combined with topical treatments for a productive approach to addressing unwanted pigment.

In cases where numerous alternatives to treating pigmentation have offered limited results, we suggest a Cosmelan Peel. We get great results with this treatment, but be prepared for approximately 1 week of downtime.


Few people appreciate that diffused redness, often referred to as the ‘permanent flush’ can be treated! With a little laser work that requires no downtime, our clients enjoy significant changes in their skins overall appearance.

With diffused redness, there will often be some broken capillaries around the nose or on the cheeks and chin. We also treat these this with a little laser work, with little to no downtime.


As we age, our skin starts to thin out. As a result, we see fine lines and veins appear.

We love Mesotherapy to address this thinning and to promote beautiful, youthful skin. Mesotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting the skin with micro-needles filled with the superstar ingredient Hyalauronic acid. This thickens the dermis and stimulates collagen production.



If you suffer mild to severe acne, but don’t want to go down the road of Roaccutane or antibiotics, we recommend Klaresca. Kalresca is a ground-breaking, external skin treatment. It’s safe, comfortable and available to both adults and children.

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