The Power of Lutronic Healite for LED Light Treatment

I first heard about treatment with LED lights a few years ago when a colleague mentioned she added them to her business.

I remember thinking it sounded too good to be true, to think that lying under a light could give you better skin. Fast forward a few years, and I have now added a LED light to my treatment menu.. so what made me change my mind?

Let's look at why I chose the Lutronic Healite™ II LED Light Therapy

In short – the Lutronic Healite™ II is a medical-grade, clinically proven device. Supported by peer-reviewed research to back up every claim, putting it in a different league compared to the rest of the LED market.

It was no surprise when it won plastic surgery device of the year in 2019. This award-winning machine uses concentrated LED light to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery. Put differently; it energises (charges) your cells into healing mode, similarly to charging a phone.

Different wavelengths offer different treatment indications. Whilst blue light is an excellent treatment for acne, red light is for photodynamic therapy (treating skin cancers).

The near-infrared 830nm light (yellow light) is by far the most versatile – which is why I added this light to my practice. This wavelength offers faster wound healing, improved blood flow and lymph drainage. In addition, it decreases inflammation, which aids pain relief, and last but not least, collagen stimulation, which makes the skin feel tighter and brighter.

It’s important to understand that LED light differs from UV light, which is damaging our skin. We know UV light activates our melanocytes (tanning), and can cause harmful changes like burning the skin, breaking down collagen or can cause molecular cell changes that can lead to skin cancers. In fact, this is one of the big differences between a medical grade and a scientifically proven LED machine.

Cheaper versions or home devices may cause skin damage if not accurately designed and vigorously tested. Hence, in 2019, Neutrogena removed a LED Mask from the market for causing eye damage.

In summary: The Healite™ II is a clinically proven LED device with the following key benefits

No pain, downtime or risks – All you have to do is lie there and relax under the light for 11 minutes! It’s the perfect add on after any skin treatment as you will speed up the repair process and strengthen your skin from the inside out. 

What’s not to love?? 🤩🤩


LED Facial (includes hydration mask) $115.00

Add-on LED therapy $75.00

Add-on LED package of (4) $200.00

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